<AUR>.how to spot

To include your spot to <AUR>.database, statistics and analysis please follow the rules below:
  • never spot the same beacon or DX more than once  per 15 minutes
  • self-spotting will be displayed as ‘calling cq’ and doesn’t count to statistic
  • before you spot, please check the frequency, callisgn and all information to avoid corrections
  • fill spot information field using pattern below:
    • IO65CA<AUR>JQ68TB QTF040
      • your # (6 characters, you know your #)
      • propagation mode recognized tags are (no case sensitive):
        • <AUR>
        • <AU>
        • <AUE>
        • CQ AU
        • CQ AUR
        • AURORA
      • DX’s # (6 or 4 characters)
      • QTF tag followed by three digit azimuth 000-359 (360 for omniditrctional antenna)
      • you can include report after QTF field

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